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    Your trusted brand partner
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    Quality Solutions At The Right Price
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    100% Satisfaction Guaranteed
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Service Still Sells

Date: Aug 9, 2017

Do you remember when getting great service was something that we all took for granted?

In today’s fast paced, high tech society it seems that great customer service has gone the way of the Dodo bird! Even good service is hard to find. Nothing irks me more than when I am out spending my hard earned dollars and I receive less than average service. This happens all too often. I don’t usually blame the person serving me, I blame the manager for not training that person properly. That does not happen at TNT.

At The Next Trend Designs Inc, we are thriving in the promotional products business after 25 years, because we have never lost sight of the fact the “Service Still Sells”. Yeah, that may sound cliché but it is a fact. We do not pride ourselves on selling T-shirts, drinkware, pens, and mugs. We pride ourselves on selling solutions for our clients. We deliver great ideas, we deliver great logo products, we deliver at a fair price, we add value and we deliver on time……with a big huge smile! Once again, it may sound cliché but it is what we have built our business on. SERVICE! SERVICE! SERVICE!

In this day and age of on-line shopping, I can tell you that we hear many horror stories when it comes to ordering logo merchandise through this medium. Firstly, you do not get to touch and feel the actual product that you are ordering. Secondly, if your logo is put on in an incorrect fashion, guess what? You are stuck with it. Thirdly, will it arrive on time? Maybe? If not. Oh well. No recourse! I know that price is a big factor when placing an order for logo products, but is it worth saving a few pennies per item to pay the bigger price in the end? We don’t believe it is and you won’t either after it happens to you and your company.

Most of the employees of The Next Trend Designs Inc. have been working here for 15 + years and a large number of our clients have been with us for the same amount of time or more. There is no secret to this, just good old fashioned customer service and going the extra mile.  At the end of the day, if you are looking for logo merchandise and want some new and exciting ideas, contact us at 1-800-891-2666. We will deliver for you and you can take that to the bank! That’s my view.

Is your company E-Commerce Store doing the job

Date: July 24th, 2017

It was 16 months ago and we were evaluating where we stood when it came to having a good solid E-Commerce platform for our client’s company stores. The answer was clear…..we didn’t like where we stood with what was out in the market at that time. It was time to develop a promotional products E-Commerce platform that would do everything that we wanted and everything that our client’s wanted.

The team at The Next Trend Designs Inc, headed by Jeff Alcorn, locked themselves in a room and came out with a better mouse trap. What we have today is a multi-tiered solution that gives our client’s everything that they could possibly want in a company store site. The beauty of this new platform is that clients can have as little or as much as they want, when it comes to technology. Simple, clean, functional and affordable. All very important in today’s very competitive marketplace.

To further enhance the experience with our new E-Commerce platform, we have also put together an extensive marketing and training program. Web stores are great but if no one knows how to use them or they are not enticed to use them, they are just web stores. At The Next Trend Designs Inc, we are committed to First Class service levels and have not and will not compromise on that! To add to the overall experience, we ensure that all products on the E-Commerce site are representative of the brand itself. These products are monitored for sales activity and changed frequently to keep the store looking fresh at all times.

If you are interested in having a company E-Commerce store or would like to update your current web store, then The Next Trend Designs Inc will be a great choice for you. We are very proud of this promotional goods E-Commerce platform and we are confident that you will be as well.  That’s my view!

Golf Balls - Premium or Price Point

Date: June 19th, 2017

I can’t begin to tell you how many golf balls I have found (over my many years of golfing) that have a corporate logo on them. Way too many to begin to count. What I can’t understand is why I find inexpensive, very average golf balls with Fortune 500 companies logo’s on them.

The Promotional Products Industry sells several hundred thousand dozens of logo golf balls each year. That means that you think that they make a great marketing vessel for your brand. Right? Well, we agree. The one issue I have is that when you purchase these logo golf balls you are either not putting enough thought in to which type to buy or your sales rep is not selling the correct golf ball to show your brand on! Please pay attention and I will do my best to educate you on golf balls and what they can do to promote your brand or what they can do to leave a sour taste in golfer’s mouths.

Traditionally, buyers look to get as many golf balls for as little as possible. That is a fact! Remember the old saying “if it appears too good to be true, then it probably isn’t?  That saying is very true when it comes to purchasing golf balls. Your rep says “I can get you golf balls for $19.99 per dozen”. You say “great, let’s get 48 dozen”.  Did you ask what these balls are like? Did you stop to think…”is this a good ball to have our logo imprinted on and then give to clients”? You probably thought that “a golf ball is a golf ball”. Not true! You pay for what you get.

Now, if you are thinking that the purpose for purchasing these logo golf balls is to give to clients who will then go out and lose them, and you are not overly concerned about your brand image, then go ahead and spend less money on the balls. I don’t recommend it but if your decision is based on budget only, then go ahead. What I recommend is that you purchase a golf ball that golfers will want to play with, whether they are given to them or if they find them on the course. Although reputable golf brands offer less expensive balls (we refer to those as Ammo), there are golf balls in the $29.99 -$49.99 /dozen range. These are usually a better quality golf ball and one that you can feel good about putting your logo on. Brand names such as Tilteist, Taylormade, Bridgestone and Srixon all make good golf balls in that magic price range.

The Next Trend Designs Inc is ready to help you make the right choice today. Give us a call at 1-800-891-2666 and we will walk you through the features and benefits of each golf ball and help you make the right choice for your brand. Trust me on this one, it can make a big difference in the eyes of a good golfer if you give them a good golf ball or if they find a good golf ball on the course with your branding on it! That’s my view! 

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