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  • Your trusted brand partner
    Your trusted brand partner
    • Voted one of the best places to work by Counselor Magazine in 2015
    • 25 Years in Business in the Toronto area
    • Diversified client base from startups to Fortune 500 companies
    • In-house custom creative & design
  • Quality Solutions At The Right Price
    Quality Solutions At The Right Price
    • Product solutions to fit your promo products budget
    • If you want it, we will get it
    • Your company logo on the world's most popular retail brands
    • Exclusive proprietary promotional products
  • 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed
    100% Satisfaction Guaranteed
    • On time deliveries with "best in class" client service
    • We take pride in our work and in your brand
    • On-trend promotional items
    • Great prices & great service!

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The King Of Swag

It was a sticky June day in Mississauga when I first laid eyes on him. Little did I know that I was just about to meet the unofficial “King Of Swag” and promotional goods- and my life as I knew it- was to be changed forever.   

I parked myself in one of the comfy chairs in the very trendy reception area of The Next Trend Designs Inc and waited for someone to come and get me. Before I knew it, I was lead into one of the swankiest, promotional products filled showrooms that I had ever been in. After a few short minutes, in walked Robert Charlton, the King, with his entourage beside him. He was a hulking presence of a man and to my surprise, did not have a crown on. His over-sized hand extended to me, I held my breath and offered my sweaty hand to him. Whew! He didn’t squish it. We all sat down for our first face-to-face meeting.

While we discussed the ins and outs of the promotional goods industry and how I might fit in with The Next Trend Designs, the bustling businesses of the GTA area were buying up branded merchandise and carrying on with their daily routines. He was genuinely just as curious about my thoughts and opinions about the industry as I was about his. So after what was a fairly informal ‘interview’, and a refreshing one at that, we hammered out a deal within an hour and I left with a new perspective on life. I was to become one of the King’s loyal subjects and a close confidant nonetheless.

My days at The Next Trend Designs since that day have been action packed, fun filled and full of logoed apparel, drinkware and electronics. There really never is a dull moment around this place. We have built a newly and updated designed website (, we have brought on new clients, sold a lot of branded merchandise, tweeted, shared, liked, posted and pretty much everything else that Social Media could throw at us, and really had a lot of fun while doing it. The culture at The Next Trend Designs lends itself to people excelling at what they do best – Create interesting ways for clients to promote their brands and insure they receive those products on time every time!  This culture is maintained by the team but the implementation is handled 100% by the Queen herself, Janine Taylor. She does wear a tiara by the way. Janine is the backbone of the company and nothing happens around here unless she knows about it. Not because she is a control freak, but because she cares so much and as Queen, she ensures that all the loyal subjects get taken care of and that things operate as they should.

The Next Trend Designs has a small but powerful band of Knights that could sell just about anything to anyone. I am talking about our Account Executives. They grew up in the Kingdom, which has been here for 25 years, and are still here after 15 years or more. They sell promotional products to Fortune 500 companies as well as small businesses across Canada. Many of our clients are based in the Toronto area but we also invade other Kingdoms wherever possible. The Kingdom of Trump is a popular target for us and we always look to conquer wherever we can.  If we continue to choose the right products at the right price and always deliver on time, we will persevere.

A wise old man once told me, “Go the extra mile, it’s never crowded”. We believe in this at The Next Trend Designs and that is why we will continue to be considered one of “The Best Promotional Goods Distributors” in the business. Gotta go, the King is summoning me.

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