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    Your trusted brand partner
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    Quality Solutions At The Right Price
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    100% Satisfaction Guaranteed
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Sales People Wanted: Should I Stay Or Should I Go

It’s an exciting day in the promotional products business as I scour the many recruiting and job search websites to find a few good sales people. We are growing and we require more sales people to look after our growing client base. Does this sound like you?

I will begin by saying that the promo business is not for everyone and that really good sales people are hard to find. I am not sure whether it is because it is not that appealing to the average sales person or if it is because that good sales people don’t understand that they can make very good money in this industry and be able to sell something to any type of business out there. That to me, would be like getting the golden ticket from Willy Wonka. Sell some kind of promotional item to any business that I walked up to? Be able to put logo’s on hundreds of thousands of products and get paid to do it? Sign me up!! Well, I will say that we have hired two new sales reps in the last 6 months and they have proven to be great hires. Both have come from sales backgrounds but not from the promo business. There is a learning curve that takes time and many resources to get new people up to speed. We all know that. In this business of logo’d corporate items, there is much to understand and plenty to learn out of the gate. Good people pick it up right away. The biggest question is “how hungry are you”? As a good friend of mine once told me years ago, as a commissioned sales rep you wake up broke everyday no matter how much you made yesterday. This keeps you hungry and hunting.

In this promotional products industry, there are a lot of sales people out there that are not exactly enamored with their current place of employment but they are nervous to leave for fear of losing current clients. I get it! The way I look at it is if they have clients that they brought in, looked after and built a relationship with, why would they not follow their star sales rep? I would. Wouldn’t you? At The Next Trend Designs Inc, we offer a better than most profit sharing, excellent benefits program, marketing,  fantastic culture and working environment as well as lead generation. Most of our current sales team have been here for 15 +years and would have moved on if they did not thrive in this culture.

So, TNT is looking for a few good sales people and the call has gone out to those of you who are hungry, tired of your current situation, looking for a change, wanting to thrive in a new environment. Can you hear the bell? It’s ringing and success in on the other end. If it were me, I would pick it up and listen to what it had to say. That is my view!!   

Sales People Wanted: Should I Stay Or Should I Go


Luxury Co-Branding

Date: October 27, 2017

If you purchase promotional products, do you ever stop to think about the brand of apparel or product that you are putting your corporate logo on? Would you put your logo on an inferior product and have your employees or clients use or wear it? At The Next Trend Designs Inc. we take pride in our Luxury Collection of brands that we represent. These brands all have products that stand out in a crowd. Products that you will be proud to associate your brand with. Quality, superior craftsmanship and a reputation that has stood the test of time.

The promotional products industry is an interesting one for sure. We have a high percentage of distributors that are in the business to sell products and sell them at whatever price they need to sell them at to make the sale. The smaller percentage, like The Next Trend Designs Inc. is in the business of delivering solutions. Yes, we are very competitive on price but we don’t just present you a product with a price and hope to secure the sale. We develop creative ways to present you the products in ways that no one else does or can. The bottom line is that you will get the right product at the right price and get it on time. We will go the extra mile to make sure that what we present you with is a solution that no one else has thought of. Years of experience has taught us that selling a polo shirt or a duffel bag on price alone is pretty easy. Selling a Ralph Lauren polo shirt or a Bugatti duffel bag takes more time and effort and must be sold to the right person and for the right reasons. The #1 reason is that the client wants their brand to be associated with a quality retail brand that they know and trust. After all, this is a product that they are going to give to their executives and their best clients. It has to be top quality and it has to look like a million bucks. Top quality retail brands deliver solid ROI when co-branding promotional products with your logo on them. They may be a little more expensive but they are worth their weight in gold!  The #2 and #3 reasons are the same as #1.

The bottom line is that whether you are in the market for pens, polo's, jackets or drinkware, we have a Luxury brand that you can co-brand with. From Cross to Callaway, from Sun Ice to S’Well, we can provide you with an assortment of products from the best retail brands in the world. Heck, we can even get you Rolex watches if you so choose. Give The Next Trend Designs Inc. a call at 1-800-891-2666 and we would be happy to arrange a viewing of our fabulous Luxury Collection. That’s my view!  

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